Workshops in a Box

Meditation Made Easier
(Workshop in a Box)

This "Workshop in a Box" program takes you step by step through an easy to learn technique which will consistently create a uniquely relaxed and energetically balanced experience for your meditation practice. The audio CD and textbook are designed to be simple enough to follow and it will teach you the technique even if you haven't been able to attend our live workshop.

Track One is of the talk itself covering the "how to's" and setting the stage for your meditation.

Track Two is a step by step walk through of the technique itself. Simple, straightforward and self paced Meditation Made Easier creates a wonderful calm mind/body state, ideal for an incredibly relaxing and insightful meditation.

$24.95 Audio CD and Workbook included.

"Thank you again for creating this great product. This CD will make a great Christmas gift for loved ones. The perfect gift for the overworked Mom, co-worker, Boss, friend, or relative."
~ Melanie S.

Intuition Builder
(Workshop in a Box)

Your truth lies within
You cannot read it somewhere,
Nor can anyone reveal it to you.
It is truly yours and lives deep inside of you.

The answers to any questions about your life, or what is the best direction to take in any situation may seem to be hidden from you but they are simply shadowed by the noise of everyday life.

The Intuition Builder is a straightforward and easy to learn technique that will guide you step by step to an inner sanctuary where it is quiet enough to hear your truth. Once you have learned this simple technique practice it and spend time in personal reflection often. The Intuition Builder will teach you to dialog with your timeless inner voice.

Track One is the workshop itself.
Track Two is an audio guide through the technique itself.

$24.95 Audio CD and Workbook included.