The Concept

~ You can find peace and have joy in your life ~

Life can be too short to live in confusion or unhappiness. Our workshops and one-on-one counseling begin the process of finding a more enjoyable life for you.

The Oracle Within

The concept is simple and universally true, it is that within each of us lives a part of us that can lead to a life of true joy and personal peace.

As we search together with self compassion and without judgment, we have the opportunity to strip away unnecessary behaviors and habits. Some of these may have seemed necessary in the past as survival or coping skills, but with closer examination we may find that many are no longer necessary. With help releasing these needless habits and patterns we can see more clearly what gives us joy and how to make this joy happen in our lives.

Although it may not seem so at times,
we are rarely far from personal peace.

With some perspective, we realize that we are all part of a larger story and not apart from God/The Universe/Our Spiritual or Higher Selves, and we are never far from this truth. This concept is not just an Eastern philosophy or Native American concept, it is one that we as Western men & women can awaken to as well.

Our truth and the path to a wonderful life lies within us.
Allow me to help you, as I have helped so many others, find the path back to your joy.

When you are ready let us begin uncovering your truth.
With this clarity we will be able to find the JOY and PEACE in your life that you may have only dreamt of before.

I honor your courage to move forward &
look forward to working with you.

See our section on Workshops and if you are interested, please join us.
Or email me directly to discuss one-on-one counseling.

May you find Peace and Joy in your life,
Bruce Alexander