I start by first listening to you. My goal is to help you to understand your life better so that I can help you make powerful and positive changes in it. My experience and training help me to give you the perspective and tools to make those changes easier.

I can help to change old habits and patterns to gain peace and perspective so that you can start to enjoy your life again. I offer as a Registered Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist my experience and compassion through personal recovery from past physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. I have helped many with the personal clarity to begin to see a path toward a healthier, more manageable life.

Sessions are designed to understand what you want your life to be like and to understand what your personal gifts are. With this understanding we can build a foundation of self-esteem where anything is possible.

~ Bruce Alexander

"Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary.”
Eckhart Tolle

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"So many things on my list are actually manifesting in my life now. Things like passion & purpose are coming back. Life is good again, it had been a very long dry spell. Thanks for being a big part of this 'miraculous' turn around."
~ Louie R.